Combat Life

Combat Life was created by Pat Meehan in Madison, WI in August 2022. Pat is a combat veteran, ultramarathon runner, BJJ practitioner, protection dog handler, and a father (as of November 2023). All designs and concepts are created by Pat.

The mission for Combat Life is to build a community of all types of people from all walks of life where we can help each other endure, conquer, and win the battles.

You do not have to be a Veteran to wear Combat Life. To us, what you wear is more than just a necessity, it's a representation of who you are. You feel better when you look better. We have taken the fighting spirit of the American way of life and embedded it into everything that we do. Everyone has a battle to fight - our mission is to encourage others to endure the pain, keep fighting, and win at the game of life. Our commitment to you is to deliver the highest quality products in the marketplace, world-class customer service, and superior designs that you are proud to wear. We are more than just an apparel company; we champion a relentless lifestyle AKA Combat Life.